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Disposable Massage Bed Sheet – Thick lengthen 195cm*80cm
These disposable bed sheets are available in absorbent Pure Cellulose, super soft Spun Lace and heavy duty to keep your massage beds protected and your customers comfortable throughout every massage treatment. Each sheet is perforated for massage table use.
This product is made of non-woven material. It is breathable, lightweight and disposable. Also, it is soft to dedicate a wonderful relaxation at an economical price. It comes with a face hole, specially designed for a massage table. It is hygienic with white colour. Do not cause skin allergy.
Size: 195 × 80 cm
Hole diameter: 10cm
Packaging: 10pcs/bag, 320pcs/carton

Disposable Massage Bed Sheet - Thick&lengthened 320pcs一次性床单加厚加长款 整箱320片 195*80cm

SKU: DP021
  • 【产品名称】一次性床单 加厚加长款









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