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Memory Foam Foot Bolster
High-density memory foam footrest gives supportive cushion, keeps your feet and legs slightly elevated off the flat surface for less ergonomic strain, and relieves tension on your feet and legs when sitting for long periods
FOOT ROCKER: when turned over the footrest cushion, it acts as a rocker to achieve a rocking motion, provides relaxing elevation for your feet and legs after work, and keeps your feet moving all day long.
It supports more areas of the body, such as the lower back, and knees. The round pillow is the perfect size for use as a positioning pillow for lumbar or neck support at your desk or in your car.

Memory Foam Foot Bolster--Coffee 记忆棉脚垫 - 咖啡色

SKU: TP014
  • 【产品名称】记忆棉脚垫






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