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Silica Gel Facial Pillow
Colour: Chocolate / Skin
Material: Silica Gel
Reusable & Easy to Clean 


Super Soft material: high-quality imported silicone, non-toxic and odour-free.It offers your face soft touch feel and keeps your look comfortable and relaxed. Antiseptic, protect the skin of the face, no-slip, trace or smell. Practical, soft and non-deformation, directly placed onto the beauty bed without cover. It is widely used in massage beds, beauty beds, and special pillows, and is also suitable formats.

Silica Gel Facial Pillow--Chocolate 硅胶趴枕 - 巧克力色

SKU: TP010
  • 【产品名称】硅胶趴枕


    【产品尺寸】长31cm*宽27.5cm*厚2.7cm (手工测量,可能存在1cm左右误差)



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