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MaxValu Bin Liners can be used to line the bins in your office, home or kitchen. They are made from high-quality plastic which makes them durable and able to hold a variety of waste.
The bags are packaged on a coreless roll and are perforated so they can easily be torn off when needed reducing any unnecessary waste. 



  • Colour: Black

  • Capacity / Size: 78L

  • Bag Size: 91 x 76cm

  • Quantity: 1 Carton (5 packs x  50 bags per pack - total 250 bags)

Eco Garbage Bag 78L 250Pcs 环保垃圾袋 78L 商用包装 250个

SKU: CP006
  • 【产品名称】垃圾袋 



    【产品包装】250个(5 packs*50 bags)


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